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“Paper Plumes turns your fantasy world to reality."

We create bespoke flawless designs that are experiences envisioned by our clients and designed by our talents.

Some of our key specializations include research, design, fabrication, and on-site installations.

Our focus, however, is to deliver a unique and grandeur experience to our clients!!!

Passionately creating moments of Joy

From conceptualization to execution,
we have got you covered

Paper Plumes is internationally acclaimed and certified under the world’s renowned institution in New York,  from New York designer Mr. Preston Bailey.

Some glimpses of Paper Plumes work include Award-winning Installation at Festive Mall and larger than life installations like ‘Giant cricket bat and ball’. 

We collaborate with brands such as DLF Group (Emporio, Promenade, Avenue), GMR, Microsoft, World Mark, HP and, Phoneix United, to Corporate Clients from like HCL, HP, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sony Pictures, Microsoft.

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